The Graciouz Mission

The Graciouz Mission is to better the lives of customer-facing Service Staff and Employees. We recognize the hard work and tough working environment for every staff and employee, and thats why, our mission is to bring the gratitude and recognition to every one of you. We know this is not an easy mission, but with the help of our Affiliates, we will make this possible

Graciouz Affiliate Program

Graciouz's affiliate program is designed with Affiliates in mind for a mutual win-win partnership where we offer commission for hardworking affiliates. Work with us for a successful program. If you have a better idea or creative program, please drop us a note on our contact us page. We will be happy to Contact you and work out the program with you

Affiliate Rewards Program

For our standard affiliates program, Graciouz is offering a performance-based commission on 30% revenue at 60 days of purchase by business customers. If you are an affiliate that focus on gratitude or reviews on business, service staff, and customers, sign up with us to promote our product!! Or if you focus employees' gratitude, achievement, performance, and other productivity measurements, sign up with us to promote our Graciouz Product Suite

Customized Affiliate Programs

If you specialize in driving traffic to reach B2B or B2C businesses, and if you will like to have different incentive tiers and our support to make you successful, please Contact us . If you would like to have special product landing page as part of your requirement, let us know too. We believe in working hand-in-hand to make this partnership successful