Get Closer To Your Customers

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Graciouz Product Suite (GPS)

Foster & Measure Teamwork

Cultivate A Cooperative Environment

Let Every Employee Shine

Foster & Measure Teamwork

Understand Individual Contributions

Staff Affirmation

Acknowledge Every Effort

Know Everyone’s Achievements

Broadcast All Contributions

Cultivate Entrepreneurship

Make An Impact On Top & Bottom Line

Promote harmony

Resolve Conflict Peacefully

All-rounder Performance Assessment

A Fairer Team member-based Performance Assessment

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GPS Delivers Employees' Gratitude

Graciouz Donations (GD)

Responsible Donation Crowdfunding by Charities

Help The Needy

A Little Financial Help Goes A Long Way

Give Back To Society

Help Those In Need

Contribute the little effort

Give What You Can Spare

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GD Delivers Societal Gratitude


Capture & Clap Every Fun Moment

Servfie Binds Everyone Closer

Servfie is a Graciouz social media platform that brings joy and fun to everyone. Servfie builds and connects everyone through positive relationships

  • Establish Positive Social-Business Relationships
  • Claps For Friends, Staff, Colleagues & Family Members
  • Capturing & Sharing Precious Moments

Servfie Delivers Social Gratitude